Asieris Pharmaceuticals is dedicated to becoming a China-based biotech company with significant global impacts on anti-cancer treatments. Our primary R&D strategy is to leverage the extensive knowledge of "old drugs" for creating breakthrough innovations.
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R&D Strategy
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We have established our unique Research and Development Strategy with below advantages:

- Superior Human Safety

- Reduced Development Risk

- Shorter R&D Cycle


Bladder cancer and
other genitourinary tumors

Tumor immunotherapy

Multi drug resistant infection


(NMIBC/Prostate Cancer)

(Urogenital Cancers)

(Cancer Immunotherapy)

(Multi-drug-Resistance Infection)
product pipeline  

         APL-1202 is the first oral drug in the world for the treatment of non-muscle-invasive bladder cancer (NMIBC), it is recognized as a breakthrough in bladder cancer therapy to relieve the pain of relapsed patients with superior efficacy.

    Patients Recruitment
for APL-1202 Pivotal Trial
(Results of a finished Phase II trial showed that) Comparing to current invasive intravesical chemotherapy , APL-1202 showed significant efficacy and superior human safety for NMIBC patients, Its oral administration is convenient and safe, without causing pain or injury to urethra.
Currently Our APL-1202 pivotal clinical trial has been initiated and now for patient recruitment. If you are interested and need more information, please click here.
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-   Asieris’s Executives to Participate in the Upcoming Asia Pharma R&D Leaders Summit 2019
-   Asieris CEO to Host CEO Roundtable at Upcoming WuXi Healthcare Forum 2019
-   Asieris to Participate in the Upcoming 12th European Life Sciences CEO Forum
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