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Fields of Collaboration

    Asieris aims to become a specialty pharmaceutical company in urology and urogenital cancers. Our leading clinical candidates APL-1202 and APL-1301 are the first oral drugs in the world for the treatment of non-muscular-invasive bladder cancer, (NMIBC) and are expected to shift the current treatment paradigm for NMIBC.

    In addition to our breakthrough drugs advanced to clinical development, we possess a strong team of experts in discovery and clinical R&D to support molecular optimization and to advance our clinical programs in China. We will continue to develop high quality, novel compounds internally, and to further enrich our product portfolio through in-licensing or alliance.

     Besides clinical development, we have also established proprietary R&D platforms,focusing on a novel MOA through small molecule immunomodulation for anticancer drug discovery. We are looking forward to a productive partnership to advance our R&D program.

    We hope to collaborate with the world's leading research institutions in the areas below, and are confident that you will find Asieris your best partner.

Therapeutic Areas:

- Oncology, especially Genito-urinary oncology

- Urological diseases

- Multidrug-resistance infections

MetAP Drug Development Platform:

- Drug discovery partnership targeting MetAP enzyme inhibition

- Out-licensing new technology and products through our discovery platforms